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Free magic tricks to learn fast. Easy to do bite sized coin and card tricks explained. Learn card tricks with our information packed and real fun free Welcome to the tricks database! You'll find a description of each trick, information about it, and in most cases a video or photos. 10 einfache Tricks gegen Nägelkauen Du suchst nach Tipps und Tricks gegen Nägelkauen? In diesem Artikel erfährst Du z.B. wie Dir Spezialkleber oder Kau bei Deinem Kaustopp helfen können. Learn Free Street Magic Tricks now, from Card Tricks to Coin Tricks and levitation. They are all here online, absolutely FREE! Tags: learn, free, street, EasyBarTricks.com is all about Bar Tricks and easy-to-do Magic Tricks. All the Bar and Magic Tricks are free and presented on video. News: We are now Tips, Tricks, and Techniques on using Cascading Style Sheets.