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Content Slider jQuery UI for Arthemia with timthumb

Update: the image resizer mentioned below I do not recommend anymore due to security reasons!

A ‚How To‘ make a jQuery Content Slider for Arthemia theme with automatic timthumb image resizer can be found in our forum here:

Content Slider jQuery UI for WordPress with timthumb How To

See a Demo of this slider here: (Demo disabled!) Arthemia with slider Demo

Content Slider for Arthemia mehr zu Twenty Ten WordPress 3.0 Demo Twenty Eleven theme WordPress 3.2 Demo Content Slider jQuery UI for Arthemia with Free WordPress Theme Support multiple content types. The module supports 3 content types: Joomla, K2 articles from selected categories and images from a folder. If you select to use images from a folder, you can add title and Jquery Featured controlled completely by shortcodes easy template integration (Uses featured images

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