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ASH 26 Tangent RC-model

ASH 26 … simply masterful!

ash 26 multiplex Tangent RC-model

The full-size ASH 26 was developed and built by the Schleicher company in Poppenhausen. The machine is available both as a pure glider and as a powered version with retractable engine, in which form it is known as the ASH 26 E. Unlike most 18m gliders, which are just “bored-out” standard-class machines, the full-size ASH 26 was designed from the outset as an 18m glider. As a result its performance is close to that of a classic open-class sailplane, but with significantly better handling.

Tangent-Modelle BESPANNT (ARF) | Tangent | Auf Elektro umrüstbare Segler | Flächenmodelle | Flugmodelle / Helis / Quadcopter como silba con 50kph .. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. BAUPRAXIS | bauen und fliegen | märz/april 2009 31 Die Spanten für den Einbau des Fahrwerkes in der - können Sie als PDF-Datei auf der Homepage Tags: aufgewertet, auswuchtgerte, Royal Model ASH-26 3M 1:6 This Royal-Model -, is a 1/6 semi scale model of the full-size machine designed and manufactured by Alexander Schleicher GmBh. With fully moulded ASG 29 SLS Ready 6M Glider: Prepared ready to Accept G6098 up & Go unit: £2,225.00 Excl. Vat. In Stock Order qty

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